How to use Skalc, quick start guide



To use Skalc, follow the folowing step by step procedure.

The "Skalc User's Manual" describes it more precisely. The Skalc built in help screen also helps you do this.

Before the competition you need to prepare the competitor’s names. You can directly type the names using the Palm MemoEditor or prepare this information using your PC.

Then start the Skalc program and load the data with the load Button in the "Param" Screen :

If this is the first time you load this contest, check carefully all the parameters on the "Param" Screen.

You can now also define the skater you like to view during whole competition. Restriction : this is not available on demonstration(Unregistered). If you use the Personal version, the Competitor name is fixed when you order your licence key !

During the random sequence determination, you can type the starting number using the "List" Screen :

When finished, you can sort the skaters using the "Order" Button :

When the competition begins, you do the data entry for each skater in the "Mark" Screen. You can type only the numbers without "." or space but type all the 0. When data is entered just press the "OK" Button. If some Marks are wrong you can just correct them and press the "OK" Button.


You go to the next skater using the ">" button.

When your preferred skater's marks are entered, it is displayed on the top of the "Mark" Screen with an indication of the estimated result. Two pairs of numbers indicate that a group of skaters are in the same WIN group and can interchange their rank.

You can see the list of skaters using "Order" Button or "Rank" Button of he "List" Screen :


If this category has two parts, select "2nd part" on the "Param" Screen and type the sequence order as for the first part. To help you, the skaters are ordered with their 1rst part ranking.

Do exactly the same process as the first part. You can than display also the final rank using the "Final" Button in the "List" Screen :

 Now you can run and examine online the Skalc program.

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